Python Webgraph Generator Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ChooseEdges::ChooseEdgesThread for selecting a set of edges
PackageExceptions::DistErrorRepresents a DistError exception
BaseElements::EdgeRepresents graph edge
PackageExceptions::EdgeErrorRepresents a EdgeError exception
PackageExceptions::ErrorEmpty base class from which all exceptions are derived
PackageExceptions::ErrorMessagesCollection of various error message strings
Graph::NumberedEdgeGraphRepresents a numbered edge graph
RandomGraphs::PowerLawRandomGraphGenerates a synthetic Web graph or Power Law graph using an RMAT algorithm
BaseElements::VertexRepresents graph vertex
PackageExceptions::VertexErrorRepresents a VertexError exception
BaseElements::WeightedVertexRepresents a weighted vertex
BaseElements::WeightedVerticesRepresents a collection of weighted vertices of type BaseElements::WeightedVertices

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